4 Major Benefits of Using SSL Certificates in Australia

4 Major Benefits of Using SSL Certificates in Australia

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a cryptographic protocol formed for keeping communication secure online. The SSL Certificate is the digitally signed filed that is issued for a specific domain name. Apart from the domain name, this certificate also comprises of the expiration date, serial number, issuer signature, etc. To protect essential data and allow a secure connection, you must install an SSL certificate on the server. After installing the SSL, you can access your service securely through HTTPS or any other SSL protocol like LDAPS, NNTPS, SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS, FTPS, etc. Now let us have a look at the major benefits of using SSL certificates in Australia:

1. Data protection

SSL certificates safeguard server-client communication. Each bit of data is encrypted when you install SSL. In simple terms, the data is locked and you can unlock it by the intended receiver (server or browser) as nobody else can get the key for opening it. While managing sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords, IDs, etc, SSL helps you safeguard against the bothersome skimmers and hackers. Since the data is changed to the unclear format by SSL, the skills of hackers prove to be a pointless sword against the ultimate encryption technology of SSL certificates.

2. Improved authentication

Clients are becoming more aware of security. Since lots of sensitive data like personal details and bank passwords are exchanged in the cloud server, a safe authentication system should be given to make sure data protection. SSL certificate helps accomplish this. It enhances the reliability factor of the service offered and helps the client verify whether you are actually whom you claim to be. By validating legal documents, the SSL certificate confirms your business presence and reliability. It makes sure that the website is completely reliable and secure for carrying online transactions by showcasing the Green Bar, a security trust mark.

3. Enhanced Search Engine Ranking

In 2014, Google made some tweaks to its algorithm to provide the upper hand to websites that were HTTPS-enabled. This has been apparent in different researches conducted by SEO professionals across the globe. Google declared that installing an SSL certificate on your site will boost your search engine ranking, which is another benefit to use SSL.

4. Secure online payments

Nobody wants to send their credit card details over a simple HTTP-enabled site. This is also compulsory for a business website to get an SSL certificate to fulfill the PCI security standards introduced by the payment card sector. Without using SSL, business websites can’t have a successful credit card transaction. With the application of SSL, visitors find your site more reliable and encounter safe shopping over the HTTPS website.


In case a browser warns you regarding a site being not secure, you must not feel safe. And this is what will be displayed in the browser if you don’t have the SSL certificate. So why are you waiting when you know the benefits of using SSL certificates? Lay your hands on the most cost-effective range of SSL certificates and give your website the absolute protection.

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