Sick of receiving spam email? Don't put up with it any longer. Add enterprise quality spam filtering to your domain name today and the spam will stop instantly.

Annoyance from spam is only part of the issue. Email is also a primary way that malware and malicious viruses are delivered. If your computer is infected it can be very difficult, costly and some times impossible to recover.


Don’t take the chance. Protect yourself by filtering out malicious emails and attachments before they even reach¬†your inbox.


The SpamExperts system gives you instant protection and full control over your filter settings. With one annual fee you can protect unlimited inboxes of a domain name. There is no need to change passwords or settings, the switch over is seamless.

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Spam makes up 54% of all email

60% of dangerous malware goes undetected

90% of people do not backup daily

Reasons you should protect yourself with spam and virus filtering

Virus and Malware

Filter out malicious attachments before they even get to your inbox.

Improve Efficiency

Don't waste time deleting spam. Focus on the things more important to you.

Blocks 99.98% of all spam

Highly accuracy and highly controllable for your needs.

Global Threat Detection

React to new outbreaks via self learning algorithms.

Add spam and virus filtering to your hosting account now! One price for unlimited inboxes of a single domain name.


only $49.95/year