How to Migrate Your Website Using the cPanel Migration Service in Australia

How to Migrate Your Website Using the cPanel Migration Service in Australia

Several reasons are there why people decide to transfer their sites from one web hosting provider to another using a cPanel migration service in Australia and those reasons incorporate the following:

  • Reliability problems
  • Bad client service
  • Annoying upselling strategies by provider
  • Increased price
  • Insufficiency of functionality and features

The key point is that in case you are dissatisfied with your hosting provider, the most logical thing to do is to migrate to one that can fulfill your expectations and requirements.

Top 2 Ways to Migrate Your cPanel Account to another One

In case you have decided that you have to move your site to another web hosting service provider, all you need to do is to shift all your files to the new server. You can do this either automatically or manually.

Automatic cPanel Migration

You can simply achieve this by make a backup of all your files from the old server with the use of a cPanel backup tool. This tool saves all your existing files and settings automatically, so that you can simply move them to your new server through the restore feature the cPanel backup tool.

Keep in mind that after making a backup of all your settings and files restoring them to the new server with the cPanel backup tool, you will still require getting the domain server settings from the domain registrar to complete the migration.

Manual cPanel Migration

In case you have many sites and you simply require moving one of those websites to another web hosting service provider, then the cPanel backup and restore feature won’t work and you have to do the website’s cPanel migration manually.

For performing your site’s cPanel migration, you have to follow the guidelines provided below:

Step-1: Backup the website’s files that you have to move to another hosting provider.

You can easily do this by downloading the folder of your site with the use of the File Manager feature of the cPanel or you can also utilize an FTP service for downloading it.

Step-2: Export all website files to a safe location.

You can utilize phpMyAdmin and ask your new web hosting service provider to accomplish this task.

Step-3: Create the domain name of the site that you are moving and make a new database on the new web hosting account.

Step-4: Now import your earlier old database to the new one that you have made on your new website hosting account.

Step-5: Upload all backup files and folders that you have downloaded to the new website hosting account.

You can simply do this with the use of the cPanel file manager feature of your new website hosting account or just go for using FileZilla for transferring it.

Step-6: Update your name server’s settings with the domain registrar.

Step-7: Analyze your website settings and check whether you installed all plugins appropriately.

Step-8: Delete all site data that you are migrating from your earlier cPanel account.

Contact an expert provider to get cPanel migration service in Australia so you can successfully move your site from one cPanel to another.

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