Free Security Certificates On All cPanel Accounts

Prompt Web Hosting Now Offers Free AutoSSL Certificates On All cPanel Accounts

With the release of cPanel-WHM version 58.0.17, the feature of AutoSSL has been added to provide Domain Validated SSL Certificates for all domains hosted on WHM-cPanel server.

As part of our continuous effort to offer our customers an exceptional web hosting experience, we’ve enabled AutoSSL by default across all cPanel accounts. So, each domain hosted by Prompt Web Hosting is now protected by a 256-bit Domain Validated SSL Certificate provided by COMODO.

What is AutoSSL?

AutoSSL helps cPanel users to eliminate the tedious task of Installation and Renewal of SSL certificates.

Your domain gets encryption through Domain Validated cPanel certificates at NO additional charge. Another exciting feature of AutoSSL is that, when your existing SSL certificate is expired, a new SSL is requested and installed automatically.

How do I enable AutoSSL?

Changes required in cPanel

AutoSSL is already enabled in all Prompt Web Hosting shared plans, so you don’t have to do anything at your end. AutoSSL certificate will be installed and renewed automatically by cPanel itself. You just have to make sure that your main domain, ( and sub-domain (, must resolving Prompt Web Hosting server.

Changes required in website

Depending on what script you’ve been using on your website, you may need to reconfigure your website to use the SSL certificate. It is also possible to redirect all visitors to your site to the secure version, please open a support ticket if that is what you would like to do.

If you’ve already reconfigured your website to use AutoSSL, and still Green Padlock icon isn’t appearing, then there are chances that you haven’t fully configured all elements (Image paths, CSS, JS) to use the SSL certificate.

In that case, you should check the source code of your website in browser, and inspect each element making sure that no single element is served from non-SSL URL. In other words, if a single element of your websites is served over http:// then, your website isn’t fully secure and Green Padlock icon won’t appear.

If you need our assistance to determine, what’s preventing a Green Padlock to get appeared on your website, just raise a trouble-ticket and our team will advise you.

What is the validly period of AutoSSL Certificate?

AutoSSL certificates are valid for 90 days. If cPanel system finds any 87 days old certificate, it will be renewed immediately.

Which domains can AutoSSL secure?

AutoSSL can secure your main domain, addon domains and sub-domains. Domain aliases won’t be protected by AutoSSL. To protect the domain alias, you’ll have to set it up as an addon domain, and then redirect it back through Manage Redirection option to actual domain name.

So what’s holding you back? We encourage all of our customers to take an advantage of AutoSSL Certificates.

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