Everything you need to know about business domain name registration

Before you do anything, a few points you need to keep in mind:

  1. Your domain name is a major asset. This is the name which finds you online. It’s also a natural point of reference for your clients. When you register a domain name, it really is a business asset, as much as your business or company name. Some website names are high value property, in fact, people will pay for them.
  2. You need to do some serious thinking about the name you want. A good name is the sort of name that sticks in your mind, and stands out. It’s part of your public image. Many people base their logos on their website name.

Searching for a domain name – A few considerations

Searching for a domain name can be a particularly interesting, useful process. When you search for a name, you’ll get a list of search results. Some results will say “not available”, but will give other options, like “ABCDE.com.au” not available, “ABCDE.net”, or “ABCDE.info” available.

Think about this for a minute:

There’s already a site called ABCDE.com. If you register ABCDE.net or something else, you might get confused with this site, or someone will think you are another part of that site’s business. Not a great result. Best practice is a truly individual, unique name.

Now, Another view of the search situation:

You search for ABCDE.com, and it’s available. You consider your options for other domain names like ABCDE.net, ABCDE.org, ABCDE.biz, etc. These names might be useful to you, working as part of an extended network of domain names. Registering these names may give you a full suite of options, depending on your needs.

(Yes, registering these alternatives does prevent others from registering those domains.)

What’s a good name for your business?

This is a real marketing exercise. Good options may include:

Unique identifying name: A word with a unique identity.

Location: “Sydney” or “New York” tells people where you are.

Brand/product names: Good, if you have the right to use these names, and good SEO for searches under product names.

Industry/sector names: Always useful for SEO, good for people searching for specifics.

Business type: Good qualifier for any site name, like “electricians”.

So, A good name for your business website is a combination of these elements.

Registering your business domain name with Prompt Web Hosting

This is a very easy process. You simply sign up for registration, provide the required ownership information, pay for your registration, and that’s it!  You can have your name registered in minuteswith us, as we offer instant domain name registration.

Transferring your business domain name to Prompt Web Hosting

If you’re looking for a new web hosting service, it’s also very easy to simply transfer your existing business domain. All you need to do is place an order with us, decide which of our web hosting packages you want, and leave the rest to us. It is even free for all .au variants.

Prompt Web Hosting domain name registration services

We can do it all for you. Talk to us about domain name registration and domain name transfer. We’re happy to provide all the assistance you need.

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